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Saturday, February 12, 2005

'06 Guv Races Heating Up

My goodness, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley is sure doing a good job boosting his name recognition in advance of running for the Maryland governor's job next fall. This week, O'Malley got himself all over the papers for two pieces of excitement:

1) An aide to current Governor Ehrlich got caught spreading rumors of O'Malley's marital infidelity in advance of a probable Ehrlich-O'Malley showdown next year. Maryland legislators are calling for an investigation.

2) Also on Monday (quite a day to be an O'Malley press flack, I would imagine), the mayor rather caustically compared Bush's budget to 9/11 in that both were assaults on American cities. Maybe the Bush-Hitler comparison was getting old, who knows.

At least the voters will have heard of him by the time election day rolls around.

Also today, I see Mass. AG Tom Reilly has come out (so to speak) in favor of keeping gay marriage legal in the Commonwealth, setting himself directly at odds with his likely opponent next November, Governor Mitt Romney:

Tim O'Brien, the executive director of the state Republican Party, accused Reilly of having "completely flip-flopped" on the issue because he needs to answer to a special-interest group within the Democratic Party.

Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's director of communications, portrayed the governor as remaining "consistent and principled" on the issue. "The governor believes that an issue as important as the redefinition of marriage should be decided by the people," he said. "People have been allowed to decide this issue in more than a dozen states around the country. There is no reason for denying the people of Massachusetts that vote."

This just became the #1 issue in the Massachusetts governor's race, like we need more gay marriage vitriol in the state. With Romney looking to springboard into 2008, I was already expecting some fireworks as he seeks to cling to the corner office. Now with gay marriage as such a dividing line between the probable nominees, I imagine we'll see national organizations ramping up their Bay State efforts, seeing this as a crucial test on the issue.

The odd thing, though, is that the outcome of the governor's race itself should have no direct impact on the fate of same-sex marriages in the state. If the legislature approves the ballot amendment again this session, then the voters would be deciding the matter on the same day they choose the next governor next November. It's more of a symbolic question of which candidate's philosophy on the gay marriage issue is a better fit with voters. Plus an upswing in anti-marriage voter turnout could boost Mitt's chances (as they helped the president this past fall).

Anyway, more gay marriage claptrap seems heading down the pike, you've been forewarned.

Governor's races always bear watching since you never know if today's governor might end up tomorrow's national party chairman--that's just like being president, right?