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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wading into a cap controversy

Wade Boggs will wear a Red Sox cap in the Hall od Fame after all.

Published reports for years indicated that Boggs' final contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays contained a clause saying he would request the Rays logo be emblazoned on his cap.

But the Hall changed its cap rules in 2001 — two years after Boggs retired — reserving the final right of choice for the Museum.

No matter, Boggs said.

"Under no circumstances did I agree with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays that I was going in as a Devil Ray," said Boggs, who will be enshrined with Sandberg in Cooperstown July 31. "I did not make a decision or accept money from any other team in exchange for saying what team I would represent in the Hall."

Is there any way to verify this? Boggs said in an interview the other day that Jose Canseco did cut such a deal with the D-Rays, and that the team brought up the issue in negotiations with him too. The Hall has now put the kibosh on all of that.