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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Super Bowl Pick

I guess I better post this before the playoffs get going, so here it is.

I wrote a while back that the Patriots desperately needed Ty Law back. Well, Law is done for the season. Optimistic as I am as a Patriots fan, even I don't see New England defeating Indianapolis with Peyton Manning working against the likes of Randall Gay and Earthwind Moreland at corner.

Steelers-Chargers should be a hell of a game. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Patriots or Chargers come out of the AFC, but in the end the Steelers were too good on both sides of the ball to ignore. I like how they can run people over, they have a strong receiving corps, and they are good against the run in the cold weather.

So who plays the Steelers in the Super Bowl? A few years back there was similarly no strong contender from the NFC (sorry Philly, T.O. was important). Under those circumstances, I just went with the home teams and correctly had the Giants in the Super Bowl (I was not so clairvoyant about the Ravens, unfortunately). I see this as a similar year. No one in the NFC is that much better than anyone else. The bye is a big advantage, and I think Atlanta and the Eagles get to the conference championship.

Vick might put on a show, and the Falcons defense might have a chance of shutting down an Owens-less Philadelphia offense. An Atlanta team won the NFC championship on the road a few years ago, but that was up in the Minnesota dome. A dome team doesn't do this outdoors on the road in January, some might say, though Tampa pulled off such a win in Philadelphia two years ago. I don't really like how Philly rested people so much the last two weeks of the year since there will definitely be some rust--Andy Reid may have overreacted to the Owens injury.

Because I have no idea, I will go with the Eagles at home, as they avoid becoming the Buffalo Bills of the NFC Championship Game. The joy will be short-lived, however, as Philly will be blown out by Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl February 6 in Jacksonville.

Enjoy the playoffs! And don't ridicule me too much when these selection prove entirely wrong!