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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Shorter Gonzales Hearing

Or as Scrappleface puts it:

Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's Attorney General nominee, told the Senate Judiciary Committee today that he would state only his name, rank, date of birth and Air Force serial number, which is all that is required under the terms of the Geneva Conventions.

Via InstaPundit. And no, I didn't expect Gonzales to be forthcoming exactly, and I don't really blame him either. This is how the confirmation game is played.

I am not one of the torture memo jocks, and I don't know if this confirmation hearing is the ideal way to take a stand on the issue. But it is probably the only chance Democrats have to raise this stuff--and certainly the most visible--so there it is.

An interesting question that has come out of this is when is it OK to oppose a cabinet nominee of a recently elected president? Beyond the mortal sin of employing an illegal alien for domestic work, that is. Maybe a complete lack of qualifications would be grounds for opposition. But presumably the people have spoken, and they don't care about the torture stuff since Bush was reelected. When should the opposition party let things go, and when should they keep fighting?

Also see eRobin's post on the ghost of confirmation hearings past.