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Monday, December 27, 2004

Reggie White

Good football player, but I disagreed with the man's views. I'm assuming the obits and remembrances will all deal delicately with his 1998 remarks to the Wisconsin legislature, so I'll post some of them here, first, on homosexuality:

White said the United States has gotten away from God, in part by allowing homosexuality to "run rampant."

Homosexuality is a sin, and the plight of gays and lesbians should not be compared to that of blacks, White told lawmakers.

"Homosexuality is a decision, it's not a race," White said. "People from all different ethnic backgrounds live in this lifestyle. But people from all different ethnic backgrounds also are liars and cheaters and malicious and back-stabbing."

(That's from CBS Sportsline back in '98.) Then, there was the section of the speech on the different races (from a good Working for Change article):

"When you look at the black race, black people are very gifted in what we call worship and celebration. A lot of us like to dance, and if you go to black churches, you see people jumping up and down, because they really get into it. White people were blessed with the gift of structure and organization. You guys do a good job of building businesses and things of that nature and you know how to tap into money pretty much better than a lot of people do around the world. Hispanics are gifted in family structure. You can see a Hispanic person and they can put 20 or 30 people in one home. They were gifted in the family structure. When you look at the Asians, the Asian is very gifted in creation, creativity and inventions. If you go to Japan or any Asian country, they can turn a television into a watch. They're very creative. And you look at the Indians, they have been very gifted in the spirituality."

As if this weren't enough, Reggie White helped ruin the Patriots first Super Bowl appearance back in January 1997, when I was a sophomore in high school. He beat Max Lane for sacks on consecutive plays in the second half (tackling Desmond Howard might have also helped in that game, as I recall). The linked piece is also funny for this quote:

"I thank God I was able to step up when I did," said White, playing in his 12th NFL season. "Eugene (Robinson) kept coming to me and saying, 'Isaiah 40:31 says we must mount up with wings of an eagle, run and not get weary, walk and not get tired.'"

This is the same Eugene Robinson who had a notorious run-in with the law at another Super Bowl two years later (see #10, first item listed in the article).

In case you didn't catch on yet, Reggie White, possibly the best defensive lineman of NFL history, died Sunday. Maybe he really was a great guy and all--I have no idea. I just want people to recall the above info as they read the unadulterated praise from the likes of Commissioner Paul Tagliabue: "Equally as impressive as his achievements on the field was the positive impact he made off the field and the way he served as a positive influence on so many young people."

Dimmy Karras: the blog not afraid to post unflattering facts about famous people when they die!

UPDATE: John from AmericaBlog has done some more fervently anti-Reggie Googling here and here, and he criticizes Tagliabue's remarks here (I don't blame Tagliabue, it's more our larger societal problem of white-washing, so to speak, someone's bad side post-mortem). Glenn Reynolds also checks in with a few kind words (adding that White "wasn't perfect") since apparently White played his college ball at Tennessee.

RELATED: While I'm railing about how bad people are protrayed as saints by media after they die, how about this ode to Marge Schott--the Hitler-admiring former owner of the Cincinnati Reds--from Sunday's NYT Mag dead people issue.