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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Political XMas Card of the Year

In the tradition of last year's winner, Dick Cheney, I'll declare Loretta Sanchez the political Christmas card of the year.

Whenever I see or hear anything about Loretta Sanchez, I am reminded of the stink over her plan to hold a fundraiser at the Playboy mansion during the 2000 Democratic National Convention in LA. I was a DNC intern back then, and several of my male colleagues were scheming to try to get to go to that (to no avail, of course, with the event eventually being moved).

This is similarly tacky on her part. And why would you want your stockings to catch fire anyway? There must be something I'm too tired/stupid to understand here.

UPDATE: For those who don't feel like clicking the link and squinting, the text of the Sanchez card:

The stockings were hung
from the chimney with care
in hopes that the fire department
soon would be there

Hope your holidays are smokin'!
Love, Loretta (and some cat name I can't make out)