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Thursday, December 30, 2004

One More Reason Why I Like Not Having a Car

While the rest of the world contemplates Tsunami relief, Boston is currently witnessing a big stink over parking space markers. For those not from Boston, this is one of our annual rituals in which after a snow storm (we got a foot-plus the day after Christmas), people in the city mark parking spaces they shoveled out with chairs, trash cans, and various and sundry other items. The implication is that if you take a spot that someone else laboriously cleared, you are in trouble. Your car might get vandalized, I guess.

The mayor is cracking down on place-marking, and South Boston, summoning the spirit of the busing era, is resisting this imposition on its traditional ways. I gave my thoughts in a comment to Adam G's post on the acrimony, and there's a discussion of the Southie landscape going on here.