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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Minister of Defense Defrocked

Bravo to Richard Sandomir for calling the NFL pregame shows on their White-washing of the life of Reggie White in their remembrances.

Lou D'Ermilio, a spokesman for Fox Sports, said, "The decision was made to celebrate his on-field achievements, focusing on the positives of his life."

LeslieAnn Wade, a spokeswoman for CBS Sports, said, "We chose to focus on his overall outstanding impact as a person and his outstanding career as a player."

Basically, they decided to be happy and nice and ignore the unhappy, controversial stuff that I wrote about here.

What I think Sandomir gets slightly wrong, though, is his explanation that the TV people decided "to tell heartwarming tales that they believe fans love to hear." I think the White-washing had a lot more to do with the networks' not wanting to piss of the NFL, especially in light of the continuing contract negotiations for renewal of the TV rights.