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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kobe Against the World

While I have a moment, I'll link up a few more goodies (so much interesting to read on the internets, I tell you, it's nice to be doing this again). Not that it's an obscure URL since it's the lead story at ESPN right now, but Frank Hughes has a fascinating look at the Kobe Bryant-Ray Allen feud. Hughes thinks that Allen orchestrated the whole thing for leverage in his contract extension stndoff with Seattle, and the desperate-to-prove-himself Bryant has dutifully taken the bait.

Oh, by the way, the Sonics beat the Lakers by 15 last night to improve to 10-1 at home, with that lone loss coming against the Celtics of all teams on Saturday. The one C's game I've seen this entire season was their TNT appearance Thursday night, a game they lost at the buzzer, of course. I've had to make due reading bits of Internet coverage--have I mentioned I love celticsblog.com, especially for rants like this on the Clippers game the other night? I'm looking for a Bill Simmons column on that one, after yesterday when he did a Pedro column instead.

Back onto something completely different (still need to work on keeping my posts about one subject), ex-sportscaster Keith Olbermann (ah, the transition) had a nice bit on his program I caught last night regarding the presidential medals of freedom/screwing up the Iraq War awards. Once the transcript's up here I may quote it, but the essence of it was that Olbermann referred to one of my favorite books, Joseph Heller's Catch-22. There's an episode in the book where Yossarian drops his bombs over the ocean, and his superior officer tells him he can either court martial him or give him a medal. He gives Yossarian a medal because that's better publicity.

UPDATE: Olbermann's actual words:

And from the White House's point of view on this, there's that wonderful scene in the novel, "Catch-22," where the World War II bombardier Yossarian drops his bombs over the ocean, rather than trying to hit the target. And his commander decides to give a medal on the premise that he can either give him a medal or he can court-martial him. And the medal means better publicity. Is this a milder version of that in play here?