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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

He Can't Really Be a 2008 Candidate, Right?

Newsweek writes up Rick Santorum, maybe just to balance out the Obama cover, and I learn some nifty facts. For example, the senator (whom the blogosphere has frequently accused of engaging in unnatural acts with dogs) smoked a good bit of marijuana in college. It's not like our current president's druggie past has mattered to the religious right a hell of a lot, but I'd still like to see if we can get an "I didn't inhale" moment out of this.

Also, Santorum has six kids (at least he seems to be holding true to his principles in denouncing Griswold v. COnnecticut), all of whom are home-schooled. What message does that send? Aren't public officials supposed to at least pretend they have some faith in the educational system? I presume his wife must do the teaching, since a senator must have better things to do than drill his kids in algebra.

Then, of course, there are the nutty views on evolution and the like. How was this man elected senator in Pennsylvania, again?

One thing about his makeup that may hurt his ambition for higher office is that he doesn't take criticism well, or so says Howard Fineman in the article:

Some of the denunciations have been vituperative. "That comes with the territory, and I'm not upset with anybody," said Santorum, who in fact sounded upset, and who is not known for thick skin.

I expect the 2008 Republican contest to be highly vituperative, with the likes of Mitt Romney and Bill Frist readying for battle. I look forward to the Rick Santorum meltdown, not that those other two are any prizes either.