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Monday, December 13, 2004

Goodbye, Jeri Curl

Looks like Pedro is heading to the Mets, unbelievably. As if having the Yankees as his daddy weren't enough already, now he'll get to play on a team overshadowed by the Yankees in the same city.

Also please note, one year ago today the big news story was the capture of Saddam Hussein. Today, the big news story is the death sentence of some guy in a sensationalized California murder. Good to see our news media have overcome the distraction of significant world events to get back to its old ways. Even the villified Dan Rather broke into late afternoon programming for the verdict, showing that the networks have been hopelessly swept up in the cable news mania on this.

It's amazing how much more attention the Ukraine elections are getting on the TV now that there's an intriguing poisoning subplot, not that a potential new Cold War was that exciting before. Inside Edition (which Rather interrupted), was even doing a bit on the changing face of poor Viktor Y. (Victory for Viktor Y.! should be the slogan for both campaigns, I tell you.)

While I'm here, back on the Peterson case, what are the Hollywood libruls doing still having a death penalty out there? And what is up with the Petersons having given their unborn child a name already? Aren't you only entitled to be called by a name after you're born? The fascinating thing about the Peterson stuff, which you never hear about explicitly on the cable news, is how this case has probably drawn so much attention precisely because of the pro-life implications from a double-murder conviction in which one victim is an unborn child--again, what gives, California? The Bush campaign, of course, made sure everyone knew about this part of the story in one of their 173 ads attacking John Kerry.

I'll try to get back into the regular blogging toward the end of the week.

UPDATE: Very important, I've replaced "Geri Curl" with the more frequently seen spelling of "Jeri Curl" in the post title. As for my my glosses on more important matters regarding the California legal system and the Ukraine political situation, I'll let those stand.