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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

From WNBA to NBA

Michael Cooper, former head coach of the Los Angeles WNBA team, is now the interim head coach of the Denver Nuggets after Jeff Bzdelik was fired Tuesday. To my knowledge, this is the first such cross-over coaching move in pro basketball. What will really be noteworthy is when a woman becomes the head coach of an NBA team (don't hold your breath).

A few other NBA notes:

I watched some of the Celtics debacle in Dallas earlier tonight. Mike Gorman kicked off the broadcast by saying he thought Erick Dampier was overrated and got too much money from the Mavs in the offseason. Dampier proceeded then to get dunks on consecutive possessions. The Celtics really can't play any defense, it's rather pathetic.

Vince Carter, in a fitting New Jersey debut, left the Detroit game with cramps in overtime Monday, and his team went on to lose. The guy is pretty brittle, not quite on a par with Terrell Owens trying to walk off a broken leg.

Also, since I never have stated this and have meant to, hooray for the return of Hubie Brown to NBA announcing! And on ABC, no less! Sadly, I only saw the Lakers-Heat Xmas matchup with the sound down when I was able to extract my gaze from visiting company now and then, and I couldn't listen in as I saw Hubie gesticulating on the screen. This should make the NBA Finals watchable again.

And finally, even if it's not on basketball, Tony Kornheiser's Tuesday column got me laughing today with a story about how Baltimore Orioles pitcher Sidney Ponson was arrested for reckless operation of his jet ski in Aruba. Ponson is a knight in his native Aruba ("Sir Sidney"), yet that doesn't get him out of jail, and apparently there's no bail in Aruba (you learn something every day, so be careful next time you visit):

Shouldn't being a knight entitle him to something? Shouldn't a knight automatically be given a "get out of jail in Aruba free" card? What's the point of being a knight in Aruba if you can't cuff a judge around a little bit, huh? You don't see the Brits tossing Sir Paul McCartney into the hoosegow, do you? But I digress.

I love Tony Kornheiser so much, he even makes the pompous Michael Wilbon enjoyable to watch on their joint TV show.