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Friday, December 31, 2004

Final Post of 2004!

If you're still looking for a New Year's Resolution, the government wants to help (via Wonkette).

Dave Barry wrote my favorite year-end article. No lists of movies or albums or other stuff I've never heard of that makes me feel dumb, just jokes like this from the part on June:

President Bush meets with the pope and, in impromptu remarks afterward, describes him as "a great American." John Kerry, campaigning in Michigan, strangles a deer.

Link via Begging to Differ.

I'll be ingensting a lot of football this weekend, starting with the bowl games. My favorite is always the Rose Bowl--I would watch Keith Jackson announce a Pop Warner game--but this year I'm a little annoyed at Texas coach Mack Brown for getting others to change their poll votes to get his team catapulted over Cal (maybe Tom DeLay helped him with the maneuver). The Cal-Michigan matchup would've fit with the Big Ten/Pac Ten tradition, and Cal deserved the spot as well. Of course, the Bears were pissed they ended up in the Holday Bowl and they got ripped by Texas Tech last night. At least Texas is facing the hostility in California now.

Also, the idiots who run the BCS should've put Auburn and Utah against each other since both are undefeated. I'll not get into the BCS-bashing that I did a year ago; those arguments have all been made over and over (I'm for a playoff).

The BCS takes a break on Sunday for Week 17 of the NFL season. The pro football finale means we get to contemplate all of the fascinating playoff scenarios, such as these for St. Louis:

St. Louis can clinch division with:

1) STL win + SEA loss.

St. Louis can clinch playoff berth with:

1) STL win + MIN loss, OR
2) STL win + NO/CAR game ends in tie.

Click the link above, there will be a quiz during the Sunday pregame shows.

I gave up the NFL prognosticating mid-season, and I'll not re-start now (OK, maybe I'll make a fool of myself again when the playoffs arrive). Let's just say that two of the teams that I mocked most mercilessly earlier this season, Buffalo and New Orleans, might clinch playoff berths this weekend.

I'll be back to the grind of my normal life shortly, and I'll do my best to keep blogging regularly. The new template is mostly set now, though I may keep tinkering with it some. I need to add a new "About" post for the occasional visitor who might care. I'll also put my email address back up, in case people want to send me New Year's wishes or death threats that way. And to the conservative guy I had the email exchange with about taxes and economic mobility a while back, I've got a link from this week's Economist just for you.

To close, I urge you to fire up the Howard Dean scream remixes once again, for old time's sake. This all happened way back in January (and I had a bit too much fun with these, as you might recall), but I think they encapsulated 2004 so well: a year that began with energetic optimism and quickly degenerated into bizarrely playful mockery.

Merry 2005.