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Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas is Ruined!

The whole angry defense of Christmas being waged by right-wing media types these days is pretty crazy (I could link a billion things, which I'll limit to two Jews dutifully writing up this week's talking points and one liberal's expression of befuddlement).

I wonder what the people concerned with the downfall of Deck the Halls might think of the bizarre trend toward celebrating Festivus or the new South Park Christmas special about the birth of the antichrist. After all, these are the same people who can't even deal with their kids listening to Evanescence, sheesh.

Jeff Jarvis, in between diatribes against Juan Cole, has also been doing some grade-A mocking of the Parent's Television Nutjobs lately. Check out their report about references to religion on primetime TV for numerous gems like this, so earnestly catalogued it's semi-disturbing:

On the December 17 episode of That '70s Show, Eric questions Donna, "So, you have to work at the radio station on Christmas Eve? God, it's like it doesn't even respect the sanctity of that holy night. We were going to get drunk and fool around behind the manger scene." (Fox)

I would love to watch the Curb Your Enthusiasm Christmas episode with these people.

But you know what? I enjoy this crap, and yet I celebrate Christmas with the family every year. My dad and I brought the tree in today, I have to do some shopping this week (unfortunately), and I'll even be at church Friday afternoon, missing out on the Vikings-Packers game. We irreligious blue staters do mark the holiday, we just do so in our own way. As far as I know, Santa has never taken a stance on gay marriage.

Also, maybe we should've gotten the flu shot situation squared away so that the old men in santa suits aren't afraid of the snotty little kids on their laps at malls across the country.