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Friday, December 31, 2004

Behold Our Generosity

Andrew Natsios of USAID writes about how the administration response to the tsunami really has been adequate (honest!):

After the most powerful earthquake in 40 years triggered tidal waves Sunday that killed more than 117,000 people, USAID moved into action even before I had left church.

Isn't he a good, moral man, attending church and all? How could such a man of faith be criticized?

Please, spare me the PR campaign and just do the work. Thanks.

Besides being a former chieftain of the now-leaky Big Dig project, Natsios made some unfortunate remarks in his early days running USAID:

Twice this week, Natsios, a former Massachusetts official who only a month ago started his job as head of US Agency for International Development, said administering AIDS treatment in Africa would be extremely difficult because of a paucity of health infrastructure and because most Africans don't have clocks or watches and thus could not take medication at specific times.

He made the comments in an interview with the Globe and before the House International Relations Committee on Thursday.

In many parts of Africa, "people do not know what watches or clocks are," he said before the committee. "They do not use Western means to tell time. They use the sun. These drugs have to be administered in certain sequences, at certain times during the day. You say, take it at 10 o'clock, they say, what do you mean, 10 o'clock?"

With that sensitivity toward the third world, clearly this is a man well-suited for the task of distributing humanitarian assistance.