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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Week 11

I'm sick, so that's my excuse for the no-frills post today. Don't really bet, OK? Last week I went 9-5 straight up, 5-9 against the spread.

Detroit (+8) to cover but lose at Minnesota

Vikes have still looked OK in losing the last few weeks, but the Lions are still decent, and Culpepper is playing with the flu.

Denver (-5) over New Orleans

How did the Saints win last week?

Tampa Bay (-8) over San Francisco

The Niners stay in line for the #1 pick.

Arizona (+2.5) over Carolina

Watch out, the Cards can get to 5-5 here, even if Shaun King is now the starting QB.

Jacksonville (-3) over Tennessee

Does anyone give the Jags a shot at the AFC South title? They are tied with the Colts at 6-3, mind you.

Baltimore (-7.5) over Dallas

Michael Irvin had a great line on ESPN last week: "Bill Parcells shopped for the groceries this time, and the meal stinks."

St. Louis (-1) over Buffalo

J.P. Losman had an impressive debut on Sunday night in New England, with a fumble and interception in limited late action. Looks like he's been learning from Drew Bledsoe.

Chicago (+8) to cover but lose to Indianapolis

Wow, I guess Peyton Manning is suddenly the greatest quarterback of all-time, if the TV people are to be believed. Does that mean he might get a team to the Super Bowl one of these days?

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Cincinnati

The Bengals beat the Redskins here last week, but then again, who hasn't these days?

Cleveland (Even) over NY Jets

The Browns offense is much better at home, and Quincy Carter is still running the Jets' offense. William Green continues to do Boston College proud, as we saw last week, along with the Jets' inability to get three plays off in the final minute of regulation.

San Diego (-3.5) over Oakland

Chargers are the best story in the NFL.

Seattle (-9) over Miami

The post-Wannstedt era begins.

Atlanta (-3) over NY Giants

Some guy whose name escapes me is starting at QB for New York.

Philadelphia (-10) over Washington

First time Joe Gibbs has ever been a double-digit underdog, says George Michael, so that stat is possibly inaccurate, but I'd believe it. After all, this is the worst team Gibbs has ever had. Maybe Patrick Ramsey is the answer, right? Then again, maybe Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the answer.

Green Bay (-3) over Houston

The Texans are skidding, I'm down on them these days, and the Pack is pulling its annual turnaround to get a playoff spot.

New England (-3) over Kansas City

I'm still not sure how KC lost in Tampa and New Orleans these last two weeks, and I'm not sure how long the Pats can keep winning with guys off the street playing in the secondary. At least Priest Holmes is out, though.