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Thursday, November 11, 2004

One More Time on that Maurice Clarett Guy

As you may recall (OK, you probably don't) I've been as big an advocate as there has been for Maurice Clarett's right to be in the NFL right now. He's back in the news this week with all sorts of allegations about improper money from boosters at Ohio State, the entirety of which he spilled to ESPN the Magazine. Today's new angle is the similarity between this and the scandal from back when Jim Tressel coached at Youngstown State. Amazing but true, Youngstown State appears to have boosters!

I've never contended Clarett to be a saint, but, to summarize my thoughts on this briefly, I think the corruption in the entire structure of college football is a much bigger deal. If you feel like it, dig through the archives for the full Clarett spiel that I'm too lazy to dig out myself just now.

Also on Arafat, I've not been on the winger blogs, but I can just imagine the catty comments about the fact the man died in France and got a full military send-off in Paris when his body was loaded in the plane today. Frogs!