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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hand-Wringing Central

I've gotten a bunch of search engine hits this week on account of the Monday Night Football intro featuring Terrell Owens and the risque promo of ABC's show Desperate Housewives. I guess that's because I've mention Owens, MNF and the TV show all on this blog, so the search engines naturally spit this URL out when people enter those search terms together.

Since that's most of my traffic right now, why not write a little ditty about it? The news pieces are pretty dumb. Racist? Please, come on now. Tony Dungy really wants to see Bill Parcells or Andy Reid involved in that skit instead of T.O.? That just ruins the imagery, yikes.

And to the fools who have attributed the hysteria to the wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl, here's a key distinction for you. The Super Bowl halftime was a live performance. The MNF intro was a scripted, pre-produced piece. I think the ABC people are competent enough not to let a boob pop out under those conditions, but you never know.

Was the skit in bad taste? Yes, probably. Here on the east coast, the game goes on at 9, same time as the Housewives show, though I understand this was shown at 6pm out west. Probably dumb by ABC since they should've foreseen the hue and cry. But really, people, football itself is in pretty bad taste. It's OK for kids to glorify violent sports, but the suggestion of sex, that's not OK? I look forward to seeing the Cowboys cheerleaders in their burkas on the sidelines for the Thanksgiving Day game.

While I'm ranting on, and since I write so rarely these days, let me briefly mention the Ron Artest thing from last week, which similarly got the sports-media-machine all worked up (God forbid we should discuss actual games, right?). So Ron Artest wants to take time to do an album. Let the man do whatever the hell he wants, let the team impose whatever sanction it finds appropriate, and let that be the end of it. Sure it doesn't speak well of his siingle-minded dedication to the game, but maybe that's how it is. Talented as Artest is, we can't compel him to devote his entire life to playing basketball. Comparisons to the Latrell Sprewell "feed my family" comment were similarly unfair since Artest wasn't being a jerk, he was just doing what he wants to do.

Oh, and my album drops on February 30, go check it out (that seemed to be the mandatory joke that everyone had to make about the Artest story).

What would ESPN fill the hours with if they didn't have Artest and T.O.? I like both guys, great athletes, great entertainers--why must we demonize them so?

Finally, let me state one more time that I love Bill Clinton. Seeing him on the news makes me long for a time when a leader in this country had me nodding along in agreement when he spoke, rather than cursing at my television, which is more the norm today.