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Friday, October 22, 2004

When Animal Metaphors Attack

The new Bush "Wolves" ad is trying to be like Reagan's 1984 ad with the bear. Upon watching both, however, I noticed that the bear ad at least admits to some uncertainty about how strong the Soviet Union was. The point it made was that our defenses should be as strong as possible, just in case the USSR really was as powerful as some feared (of course, it turned out to be about to collapse in on itself, but that's another story).

Different story with the Bushies, who are 100% confident about everything, even though they've been consistently wrong the last three years. Sorry for the gushing Bush-o-philic link, which came via InstaPundit.

Also see the DNC response ad, which adds an eagle and an ostrich into the mix, by way of Oliver Willis.

Since Blogger's being buggy and I may not get to post this later, I'll add, on a completely different note, that major league soccer has an idiot doing its scheduling:

Wonder how tomorrow night's Revolution-Crew playoff telecast (Channel 56, 7:30) will fare in the ratings against Game 1 of the World Series?

The Sox-Yankees Game Seven got higher TV ratings that the Pats first Super Bowl win in Boston, as Griffith's column--excellent for those of us who spend our lives watching sports on television--explains in today's edition.