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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Week Four NFL Picks

Whoa, something must have been amiss last week since I compiled an 11-3 mark straight up and an impressive 9-4-1 mark against the spread. My only losses were the Saints' OT shocker in St. Louis, the Jags' last-second win in Tennessee, and the hapless Redskins defeat on Monday Night. Yay, me.

Pittsburgh (-5) over Cincinnati

I like this Ben Rothleisberger, even though undoubtedly I just misspelled his name.

Jacksonville (+3.5) over Indianapolis both to cover and win

Hey, it happened last year, when the Jags beat Indy in Jacksonville. This Jaguars team is one of those groups that is winning games inexplicably, so I'll go with that. The matchup of the NFL's 32nd ranked offense from Jacksonville and the 32nd ranked defense from Indianapolis should be thrilling.

Houston (+2) over Oakland to cover and win

The Texans validated my faith in them with the KC win last week. Let's not have a letdown back at home now.

New England (-5.5) over Buffalo

Anyone in Boston still willing to admit they thought picking Brady over Bledsoe was a mistake?

Philadelphia (-9) over Chicago

The Bears have some new QB starting now that Rex Grossman is out for the year, and this could get ugly.

Washington (-3) over Cleveland

A battle of the underachievers--on TV in my local area, of course. Too bad Kellen Winslow won't be playing because I'm sure his antics regarding the Redskins not drafting him would've been amusing.

New York Giants (+7) over Green Bay to cover but lose

Game of the week!

Carolina (-3.5) over Atlanta

Watching this one will be painful, since I have both Michael Vick and the Panthers defense on my fantasy team. Don't you hate that?

Arizona (+3) over New Orleans (win and cover)

Hey, the Cardinals have to win some time, and this looks like as good a week as any for them to get it done.

NY Jets (-6.5) over Miami

This is the CBS doubleheader game I'm getting. I would enjoy watching the Dolphins go down in flames once again, but not when the Jets are the other team.

San Diego (+3) over Tennessee

Steve McNair spent the first part of the week in the hospital, but what else is new.

Denver (-3) over Tampa Bay

#1 defense vs. 26th offense--who do you think will come out on top here?

San Francisco (+3.5) over St. Louis (cover and win)

This rounds out my theme of crappy west coast teams (Arizona, San Diego) getting wins at home this week. Kevan Barlow is very good and should run free on the Rams.

Baltimore (-5.5) over Kansas City

I was actually over by M&T Bank Stadium Friday night when I went to see the Red Sox play in Baltimore. They've got a nice setup over there, much better than having the baseball and football teams share a field. Oh, and the Chiefs are struggling while the Ravens are looking strong. Jamal Lewis, meanwhile, is doing his part to complete the conversion of the Ravens to a modern-day version of the team from The Longest Yard.