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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Strategic Reassessment of the Blog

Maybe this site needs a new mission statement. You see, if I were an ordinary blog reader, I wouldn't find much redeeming in this space of late myself. To make a blog worth reading it needs to be updated frequently, preferably a few times a day, with at least one thoughtful or interesting item on a daily basis.

I'm not making that standard lately, and it's all because I'm not tethered to a computer, as I used to be in my previous job. Back then, I had a chance to visit lots of sites during the day and put up some content that someone theoretically might want to read. Clearly, that is no longer the case.

I'll do some thinking and get back to you, OK? I want to keep the blog, but it needs to be something at least marginally worthwhile too, right? I can't even read that many blogs these days.

So that this isn't completely useless to you, here are some links I've enjoyed today:

"It's Hard Work!"
That Hilarious Healthcare Crisis
Foreign Citizens for Kerry
So that's how Cheney knows we'll be attacked if Kerry wins...
Bill Simmons will now light himself on fire