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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pring-Wilson Manslaughter Conviction

Non-Boston folks may not know about this one, but it's been a big story up there and it ended today when Alex Pring-Wilson was convicted of manslaughter. Pring-Wilson was a Harvard grad student in Russian Studies who somehow ended up in a fight with a Hispanic teenage father/high school dropout/pizza shop worker late one night walking back into Cambridge after a night in Boston. Really, you couldn't write fiction much better than this, with all of the tensions between the Harvard types and the resentful Cambridge underclass. Has Law & Order done its episode on this yet? Is Tom Wolfe working on the book?

In the end, 6-8 years sounds about right. Sure, Pring-Wilson probably didn't mean to kill Michael Colono, but he did--stabbing someone in the heart with a big knife is a bit more than self-defense, I'm afraid, and it's not like it will totally ruin his life, as a murder conviction would've.

I don't have much more to say on this, other than to express my regret at not having been in MA to follow the thing more closely. I've only caught a few quick bits on Court TV. Good to see Cambridge hasn't erupted in riots or anything.