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Friday, October 15, 2004

Naming Kobe's Accuser

OK, so she has now re-filed her rape case against Kobe Bryant in a civil court using her real name, yet the AP and other big news organizations still won't name her. What gives? You probably already know her name if you sought it out on the net anyway. Since the Rocky Mountain News has gone forward and identified her, so will I. Katelyn Faber is the woman's name. If she isn't willing to go ahead with the criminal trial after wasting everyone's time for a year leading up to it, I don't think she's exactly deserving of a special shield of privacy either.

Yes, the irony of an anonymous blogger naming a nominally as-yet-unnamed sex assault plaintiff does not escape me. You don't see me accusing people of rape, though, do you?

In other sex lawsuit news, the Bill O'Reilly thing is one I need to do some more reading on. For now, I recommend looking back at Rolling Stone's profile of him, which shows how screwed up his staff relationships are. He has to be about as compassionate a boss as the guy on that Fox reality show with all the ads during the baseball games:

Then, one by one, the producers pitch ideas, tossing them out like clay pigeons that O'Reilly shoots out of the air.

"C'mon, people," he says.

A female producer suggests a segment on the Palestinians, who it seems are -

"I'm asleep, Stephanie," O'Reilly interrupts. He looks around the circle. "Give me something I can put on the air, please."

Moving on, the Bush campaign is having a Walk the Vote weekend. The Kerry campaign, by contrast, actually has some young people involved, so we can Run Against Bush, being able-bodied and all. The name of the event also seems designed to rankle Rock the Vote, which is in a bit of a dust-up with BC04 already.