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Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry Resurgence

I'm very surprised that Kerry seems to have gained in the polls based on his debate performance. Of course I thought he won the debate but I didn't think there was any obvious ass-kicking that occurred, especially since Bush has been incoherent his entire term and he's maintained support anyway. Just when people were starting to kick dirt on John Kerry, we're back even. I will refrain from any handicapping for the next month.

Since my baseball playoff picks were so horrendous a year ago (I picked Atlanta), I really should refrain from making them this year. I'll just say that it feels a lot like we'll be having another Red Sox-Yankees ALCS, the outcome of which I don't want to predict.

Blogging of baseball, I made note yesterday that I was at the Red Sox-Orioles game in Baltimore Friday night. I was dismayed to see that inside the stadium, along the concourse with the concession stands and bathrooms, there were military recruiters set up with a table. I really wish I could attend a game without the unpleasant thoughts of young Americans being convinced into becoming our next cannon fodder overseas (and besides, anyone with the disposable income to be attending a baseball game these days is unlikely to be in such financial straits that he would consider joining up, I would think).

The Boston Globe is showing some good old librul bias in documenting how corrupt the Republican Congress is with a new series.

Tom Friedman also seems to be figuring out what the Iraq War was all about at long last:

What I resent so much is that some of us actually put our personal politics aside in thinking about this war and about why it is so important to produce a different Iraq. This administration never did.

What does it say when the leading foreign affairs columnist in US newspaperdom gets so monumentally fooled by the folks in power into supporting their plans? The naivete Friedman continues to display is stunning. Maybe one of these columns he'll get around to admitting he was flat-out wrong to be a war supporter.