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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Good Editorial, Bad Editorial

Unlike the New York Times, the Globe endorsement of Kerry is how you do it:

These three examples highlight John Kerry's core strengths: an ability to see complex problems in new, often prescient, ways and a willingness to seek collaborative solutions. Far from being wavering or indecisive, Kerry's worldview has been steadfastly informed by these values for as long as we on this page have known him. In complex and dangerous times, the United States needs a leader who can bring together people and ideas. For these reasons, the Globe endorses John F. Kerry for president and John Edwards for vice president in the critical election Nov. 2.

Then there's the insane Indianapolis Star, which seems to have decided to base its view of Kerry on the Bush caricature and media reports, rather than looking at things for themselves. They basically say Bush has done a bad job but deserves another shot in the second term anyway:

It is time for experience and resolve, which is why George Bush should be re-elected for a second term. Without a re-election facing him, the president can move to do those things he said he would do in his first presidential campaign:

He can work to unify the country. He can listen to and respect people who disagree with him. He can acknowledge errors, and what he will do to remedy those mistakes. Accomplishing those things are what true leaders do. They are things this president must do during his second term.

What the hell is that? The headline reads, "In 2nd term, Bush must unify nation by admitting errors, seeking remedies." Not exactly what you would call a ringing endorsement.