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Monday, October 11, 2004

Death in the News!

Why do people I've heard of always seem to die in bunches?

My inappropriate reaction to hearing of Christopher Reeve's passing: thinking of an Our Lady Peace song.

My second inappropriate reaction: recalling that John Kerry mentioned Reeve during Friday night's presidential debate. Maybe being associated with the Kerry campaign publicly is quite literally the kiss of death. Has anyone checked on those generals who Kerry was so desperate to tell us were supporting him?

Rodney Dangerfield died recently too. Among his one-liners:

I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

That one reminds me that two of Mariano Rivera's relatives were electrocuted while cleaning the pool at Rivera's home in Panama. Thus we get the potential indignity of the Red Sox losing a game finished off by former Boston closer Tom Gordon tomorrow night.

And to cap off the inappropriateness, the Astros' amazing home-run display that appears likely to send them into the NLCS tonight is a fitting tribute to admitted steroid-user and ex-Astro Ken Caminiti, who died Sunday of a heart attack at age 41. The Red Sox facing Clemens in the World Series would be insane.