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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Who's Your Daddy?

While I agree with Dan Shaughnessy that it bodes poorly for the Red Sox playoff chances to have Pedro Martinez "call the Yankees my daddy," I think there are a couple of things that need to be pointed out on the inaccuracy of Shaughnessy's comparison of Terry Fancona's managing last night and Grady Little's managing of the ALCS Game 7 last October.

First, this eight inning started with the Red Sox leading by only one run. In Game 7, the Red Sox were up by three. Last night, the Red Sox were tied by a single swing of the bat, whereas last October it took a succession of Yankee hits to knot the score. That is all to say that there was much more warning that Pedro was out of gas last year, and much more chance to get someone up in the bullpen.

The second key point is that last October, Grady Little actually visited the mound once and left Pedro in while the whole world knew he should've lifted him--this was the point at which I was screaming at my television, a time I recall quite vividly, after a few hits had already happened. At a comparable point last night, with two runs in, Pedro was in fact lifted by Francona.

So it's not the same. Just leave it to Shaughnessy to try to create controvery though. (In my mind, the Byung-Hyun Kim brain fart on Thursday night was a lot worse.)