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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Where's Mary?

Dick Cheney seemed pretty restrained going after Kerry after Zell Miller's diatribe--maybe that was the plan, to make Dick look nice by comparison.

It was interesting that after Cheney was joined on stage by his wife, he was joined by his straight daughter with her hubby and kids. It was nice how Dick seemed so taken by the grandchildren, and it led me to wonder what he would think if Mary and her lesbian partner wanted to raise kids. Would he support them if they wanted the same joint parental rights that his straight daughter and her husband have?

Most of the attacks on Kerry are simply false, distorting votes, twisting words, etc. It's far too much disinformation all at once to address adequately. I will say, though, that one attack that I find particulary effective is Kerry's vote against the first Gulf War in 1991. Republicans should harp on that one a lot more, since I think it resonates more with people than weapons bill votes.

One more thing that is very puzzling has been the beating up on the UN. "Bush will never seek a permission slip to defend the American people," Cheney said, echoing the state of the union. So Republicans don't like the UN, we know. Why, then, did Bush bother going to the UN in the first place? He tried for a long while to get the Security Council to vote in favor of the war, as I recall. Was that just for the hell of it? Why was Bush wasting time with those ineffectual morons at the UN while Saddam could've nuked us, or whatever he was going to do?

Zell Miller is having a meltdown on MSNBC with Chris Matthews right now, by the way. Miller just challenged Matthews to a duel, I'm not kidding. Good Lord.