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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Screw You, Peter Angelos

Washington is a town with a lot of sports fans that simply lacks teams to get behind, I'm convinced, hence the over-fascination with the Redskins. It will be an excellent city to locate a major league baseball team, but the stupid Orioles owner keeps trying to derail the process of getting the Expos here. Look, Mr. Angelos, the Orioles are weak and no one wants to go up to Baltimore to see them play. Washingtonians want a team here, just deal with it.

It's not like there are any actual Orioles fans in DC anyway. For American League baseball, transplanted Yankees and Red Sox fans will still have to trek up to Baltimore when their teams visit town (that's really the only reason your team sells tickets, by the way). And it could even create a nice interleague rivalry between the Expos (or whatever they're re-named) and the O's. So please, Mr. Angelos, exit the stage now.