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Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm a social liberal, but...

Adam G just made me laugh, so I pass on the link. He quotes a few Boston-area bloggers on some rather disturbing low-rise pants sightings. Now, I'm quite permissive on letting people do whatever they want in their personal lives--go have a drug-fueled orgy this weekend and see if I care--but this all seems a bit much to me, as I've had similar experiences out and about.

While I have an appreciation of the female form, it just throws me off to see some woman falling out of her clothes when I'm heading to the post office, so please, don't be that woman (you're exempted if you're a Victoria's Secret model, fine). I've also noticed that the monuments have plenty of tourists from Middle America (often fatties), and in the crowd there are always some 15-year-old girls dressed in Britney Spears outfits. Seeing that makes me feel dirty, so parents, please try exerting some control here too.