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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Football Time

What do you know, Blogger appears to be publishing again! I better take advantage of this rare window of time when I can post and write up a few thoughts on the Patriots opening defense of their Super Bowl title tonight.

Keeping track of all of the Boston sports news can be difficult, so let me once again put in a plug for the indispensable Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch who today covers the Pats opener and surging Red Sox.

Regardless of what occurs tonight, the result will not matter that much, and we need to keep this in perspective. The Patriots lost last year's season opener, 31-0, looking totally inept. Two years ago, when they similarly began defense of a Super Bowl title in a nationally televised home game against the team they vanquished in the AFC championship game the previous winter, the Pats absolutely crushed Pittsburgh, and everyone was giddy. That season ended with the team missing the playoffs. Three years ago, the team lost the opener at lowly Cincinnati, and of course they went on to take the championship following Drew Bledsoe's improbably being supplanted by Tom Brady.

So do we root for the Patriots to lose or suffer devastating injuries to starting players? No, we don't do that, we just should keep in mind that even if those things happen, there can still be a happy ending. Let's just rejoice that there's football to watch on the TV again.

If I'm motivated to do so, I may have some additional thoughts on the NFL Kickoff Weekend (TM) later tonight or tomorrow. Don't forget the silly concert the league is putting on before the game starts tonight, featuring all sorts of precautions to prevent another wardrobe malfunction. After all, I usually get pumped for watching a football game by listening to Elton John music, don't you?

UPDATE: Oh yes, the pick. The Patriots are a three-point favorite. They seemed kinda weak in the preseason, and I think the Colts will be ready to take it to them. It's no blight on the whole season, I just think Indy wins outright tonight. (I may do picks against the spread this year, now that I've got a toupee and started moonlighting as a lounge singer.)