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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Embarrassment in Eagle County

Enough RNC for now.

The Kobecase was dismissed today, as predicted in this space a few weeks ago once the writing was on the wall.

Why did the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape decide now that she didn't want to go forward? You mean to tell me she didn't foresee the scrutiny that would surround the case when she accused a famous athlete of such a crime? And that she waited around a year until the eve of the trial to make this announcement?

The press conference given by the Eagle County DA was pathetic. He said that none of the rumored causes of the dismissal are true, that the prosecutors are all wonderful people, that the "victim" is a brave young woman (since there's no conviction for a crime here, I don't think the word "victim" is appropriate exactly), blah blah. That man, Mark Hurlbert, should have his career ended by tearing apart that little Colorado community for no good reason at all. And where was the apology to Kobe Bryant and his family for putting them through such hell for the last year?

We'll never know what really happened in the Colorado hotel room, now that the trial won't be getting the evidence out in the public record, but based on what has leaked out in recent months, I have come to believe that the charges against Bryant were bogus. Unfortunately, I don't think Kobe will ever get his reputation back following this incident and all of the idiots in the media who presumptively announced him guilty (a big theme in the early days of this blog last year).

TalkLeft has Kobe's apology along with the text of Hurlbert's statement to the press.