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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Dick Cheney Show

First, to all the search engine hits looking for the dirty pictures of Jessica Cutler, go to The National Debate. The timing of the photo spread's release is a very Larry Flint-like move by Playboy.

Also, on the twins' awful appearance last night, Kurtz does a roundup, calling it the most bizarre thing he'd seen at a convention since McGovern accepted the '72 Dem nomination at 3am. Kurtz cites the New York Post:

The Bush twins made their national television debut last night -- with a string of weak one-liners that drew cringes from the crowd and at one point brought a soft rebuke from their grandparents. ... For much of their brief time on stage, the twins seemed to amuse themselves more than the crowd.

Andrew Sullivan actually liked it, somehow.

Anyway, it's the Dick Cheney show tonight. I haven't designed a full-fledged drinking game, but I would suggest finishing your beverage if he mentions either Halliburton, his lesbian daughter or the "frank exchange of views" he had with Patrick Leahy. I also would have a few gulps if Tricky Dick actually cracks a big smile like this one.

In case you missed them, funny convention pictures are here, here and here.