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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dammit, Kerry

It's Jim VandeHei, whose writing I used to follow more closely, with the story on how John Kerry was campaigning in Wisconsin and idiotically called Lambeau Field "Lambert" instead. Kerry needs to stop screwing up details about local sports teams right now. Don't even try these things any more, I'm begging you, Kerry campaign. It's just a way for the candidate to have a chance to embarrass himself at every event, and he's done precisely that on several occasions now.

As seen on the Frog and the Grammar.police web-blogs (as I'm sure John Kerry would call them if he had a chance to address a bloggers' convention).

A few other vapid thoughts that came to mind on a busy Wednesday:

It would be too bad if New Orleans were obliterated by a hurricane. After all, I've never been there for Mardi Gras. I hear the warbloggers are hoping the French Quarter gets hit. This sure sounds rather apocalyptic:

New Orleans could be devastated under 20 feet of water laced with sewage and chemicals if it takes a direct hit from "Ivan the Terrible."

Also, happy Jewish holiday, whichever of the two it is that I always get mixed up.