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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bad Kerry Rhetoric Watch

Yesterday's Kerry WSJ editorial is fighting a losing battle with that page's readership, obviously. I agree with Kerry's economic policy by and large, though I found the rhetoric in the piece a little peculiar, given how Kerry adopts the comparisons of the president to a CEO and the government to a corporation. Those, of course, are comparisons popularized by the current administration and much-derided among the left-wingers in this country, some of whom are reluctant backers of Kerry's bud for the White House.

Business leaders like Warren Buffett, Lee Iacocca and Robert Rubin are joining my campaign because they believe that American businesses will do better if we change our CEO. ... On Nov. 2 we will have a national shareholders meeting.

Fortunately, I don't think many of the folks who fulminate against likening the presidency to a corporate leadership role get around to reading the Journal's op-ed page that often.