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Sunday, August 22, 2004

"Those Thoughts" Return

Bill Simmons says he gets "those thoughts" from time to time, when he starts believing for a minute that the Red Sox can overtake the Yankees in the AL East. I admit I'm having those thoughts myself tonight, after the Red Sox have climbed back within 5.5 games of the division lead.

It wasn't the sweep this weekend in Chicago capped by the win tonight, but the way the team is winning. Everything just seem to be falling into place. Tonight is definitely not the kind of game the Red Sox typically win, fighting back in the late innings to grab a lead and then working out of a jam after a bad break when Ramirez fell in the outfield. For once in my life, I'm grateful for the Fox and ESPN national coverage, enabling me to see the Red Sox play this weekend even though I'm in Washington now.

When you don't have a chance to see the game due to being away, you end up wondering how the result could have possible come about. For instance, how in the hell did the Patriots lose so badly last night to the Bengals?

It may be a quiet week in this space as I have plenty of business to attend to and blog reading/writing should be limited. I'll try to get my affairs in order so that next week I can have some time to enjoy the show from NYC. I've also noticed that thanks to Blogger's new toolbar, I'm getting clicks in from various and sundry Blogspot pages, boosting both traffic and commenting a bit. So that's nice, and welcome if you got here that way.