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Monday, August 09, 2004

Ready for Some Football

Without fail, I seem to end up watching the Hall of Fame Game every year, even though, being the first NFL preseason game, starters last usually only one series and the game ends up featuring lots of guys who will never play in the regular season. Every year I end up disappointed, yet I'm always back the following early August. Why is that?

My belief is that summer slowly drives sports fans insane from boredom. First, when we get overloaded with baseball after the NBA and NHL seasons end, we find ourselves watching things like tennis and golf. Then we turn to more marginal things like the Tour de France and we keep ourselves occupied with dumb offseason trade rumors in the NBA and the MLB trade deadline. By August we're sitting through the likes of Bass Masters, X-Games, Great Outdoor Games and the Little League World Series. Finally, football training camps open and, out of desperation, we sit through preseason games, even though the NFL teases us with a full month of exhibition garbage before we get to the real thing.

It's unfortunate that baseball only really starts getting exciting once football gets going too. Can we move the World Series to August somehow so that the sports calendar isn't so uneven?

Anyway, I'll be in front of the TV at 8:00 for Redskins-Broncos, all ready to be disappointed. I wonder what the over-under is on fawning references to John Elway during the ABC broadcast?