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Thursday, August 19, 2004

New Kerry Mistress Story

Dan Kennedy today points to the Boston "I smell Pulitzer!" Herald, which has details on another old Kerry fling in the Inside Track. Before you get too excited, though, it happened back in Kerry's bachelor days when he was 45, and as Kennedy notes, "she says she's going to vote for him, and she calls Teresa Heinz Kerry 'awesome.' She's even decided to hold off on publishing a roman a clef about their romance until after the election."

Drudge is currently running links that say "FORMER KERRY LOVER LAUNCHES WEBSITE..." and "Plans Book..." However, the book site is temporarily disabled, as she apparently doesn't want to cause problems in the campaign. Even the Inside Track notes, "Whitnum has written a fictionalized account of her affair with Kerry as part of a novel entitled 'Hedge Fund Mistress,' which she will sell on her Web site www.hedgefundmistress.com." Somehow Drudge didn't note that the book is fictionalized--if he did that he would probably also have to do so with a lot of his other content, I imagine. And what fun is it to acknowledge that some of his stuff is make believe?

So things look rather safe for now, inevitable falsified mmisrepresentations of the story to come notwithstanding. I wouldn't go as far as Kennedy, though, who suggests, "The Kerry campaign ought to send out copies of the 'Track' to every undecided voter in the country." Some would still frown upon a 45-year-old Kerry having a relationship with a twentysomething grad student, probably (and this would lead to more attention being paid to Kerry's divorce).

UPDATE: Drudge is now linking this story that says the woman pulled down her Kerry stuff from her web site due to a backlash of angry emails.