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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A Napper's Guide to Boston

Alex Beam today writes about a New York company offering a venue for midday power naps, and he adds a paragraph on his love of napping in public:

I may still write a napping guide to downtown Boston. I have successfully napped on the third floor of the downtown Borders bookstore, although -- this is like a scene from "Stalag 17" -- you have to time it carefully. They send a security guard up there about every 20 minutes to roust malingerers. I find Harvard Square to be very uncongenial to napping. I have tried the music rooms in the basement of Memorial Church, but too often they are occupied by musicians! Go croon someplace else, OK?

As a napper myself, I would add the subway as a prime napping location. It's a skill I've developed to doze on the T and still manage to get off at the correct stop. I hope Beam writes his guide some day.