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Friday, August 27, 2004

Korea Hates Us

This controversy over the gymnastics gold medal has received about a thousand times the attention it deserves, so I figured I'd write a post about the same subject, naturally.

I think it just gives South Koreans another reason to voice their frustration with the United States. Do you remember how back in 2002 there was a crash in the speedskating final, which knocked out the Korean skater, and the people there blamed American Apolo Anton Ohno? That summer, before Korea co-hosted the World Cup, a poll found that Ohno would be the least welcome person in Korea for the event, even less welcome than Osama bin Laden.

And remember how when Korea scored a goal against the US in the World Cup, the idiot Korean soccer player imitated a skater?

I refuse to believe that any rational people could actually care about the results of speedskating or gymnastics. If it will make them chill out, I will gladly reduce the US gold-medal count by one to pacify the whiners. At least then they won't start likening Paul Hamm to Hitler.