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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Jeff Jacoby: Iraq Optimist and Blog Reader

Elias Nugator, whose work I continue to promote, made me laugh out loud today, so another link comes his way. His topic is the latest Jeff Jacoby column (a non-Globe post is next, I promise):

EVERY TIME Jeff Jacoby opens his fat yap about how well things are going in Iraq some horrific bombing or massacre occurs virtually the same day to make a shambles of his carefully asembled fantasy of peace and progress in that far off land.
it is getting to the point where to save the lives of Iraqi civilians the Globe might wanna think about not running those Iraqi happytalk columns from Jeff.
...Jeff yammers on about how freedom of expression has come roaring back in Baghdad even as countless Christian Churchs are being bombed up and down the Euphrates River.

What struck me about the column on Sunday was that Jacoby openly admitted that most of his info was straight from Arthur Chrenkoff's blog. It's interesting how so many "real journalists" look down their noses at blogs, and then we find columnists cribbing so heavily from them (see Krugman's citation of the Daily Howler today as well).