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Monday, August 02, 2004

Herald in NYer

The New Yorker (via Dan Kennedy) has a piece out today on the Boston Herald's trashy amateur coverage of the convention last week. It includes some rather frank language about the Globe too from Herald editor Ken Chandler:

"The Globe is a Times wannabe, but it can't quite pull it off," Chandler said last week, as he sat in his office. "We are just trying to extract some news from an event where there isn't any. We knew that the Globe was going to give it a big blow job. If I produced a newspaper as boring as the Globe, I'd kill myself."

Jeez, tell us how you really feel, Ken.

The Herald used to be a Globe wannabe that couldn't quite pull it off, so now they've decided to focus on the garbage the Globe won't even bother printing. I've written several posts in recent weeks and months pointing out the Herald's idiocy, and it's all grown rather tiresome, so from now on I think I'll just leave that alone. Just read Kennedy's opus from the Phoenix on local newspaperdom.