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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Chris Matthews Destroys Swift Boat Guy

Chris Matthews just a little bit ago absolutely demolished the Thurlow fellow who has been attacking Kerry's Vietnam record. Matthews challenged Thurlow to prove his accusations with evidence, and Thurlow couldn't since he only had his "observations" and his bizarre claim that Kerry had a plan to get his medals. Matthews asked if Thurlow was bringing this up because Kerry is running for president, and Thurlow said yes. Matthews asked if it was OK for Bush to raise this issue, and Thurlow tried to dodge, asking why Bush would raise it if he wasn't there. Matthews countered that if Thurlow wanted this to be an issue in the race, it needed to be something both candidates could argue over. In the end, Matthews basically dismissed the guy entirely.

I guess Matthews recently gave Matt Dowd a hard time over the Bushies' misuse of a Hardball clip in an ad. And Matthews got into it with John O'Neill last week, which bothered InstaPundit. In another segment tonight, Matthews gave a pretty friendly interview to Max Cleland.

Maybe Matthews, after exhibiting some of the lesser traits of our national political media, is rediscovering the common sense that made him a Democratic aide in a previous life. On the Vietnam stuff in particular, his toughness with the Swift Boat charlatans indicates to me that Matthews may have some personal issues regarding Vietnam. Did he perhaps get out of serving so that now he feels guilty and doesn't want to see Kerry attacked?

Media Matters is the clearing house for following the not-so-Swift liars. As for Kerry's charge today that the group is a front for the Bush campaign, read Joe Conason's April Salon article that details the people funding the ads. Now Bush is amazingly claiming to be the great defender of campaign finance reform, a law that he steadfastly opposed before reluctantly signing it.

Look, this stuff is dirty politics. The people attacking Kerry didn't serve on his boat, and 11 of the 12 who did work directly with Kerry in Vietnam are supporting his campaign. I don't think it's all that relevant as a credential for Kerry that he fought, but it does show the disgusting depths to which the Bush campaign will sink. I'm not posting on this again, barring something really major.