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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bush and McCain Are Queers!

They were, like, touching each other and stuff at a rally the other day, just like those homos, Kerry and Edwards (I wonder if this is related to the two Johns' love affair?). Bush and McCain have taken it a step further, though, even registering at Crate and Barrel.

Slightly more seriously, on my reading of yesterday's NY Times, a few lines leapt off the page at me, even though they were presented matter-of-factly. First, David Sanger on the Porter Goss selection:

In choosing Mr. Goss, Mr. Bush passed over the acting director, John E. McLaughlin, a veteran of the agency. While White House officials have praised Mr. McLaughlin in public, they have said on background that his analytical, scholarly demeanor did not make for a good match with the president, who sees the central intelligence director every morning for a review of the threats facing the country and had established a bond with Mr. Tenet. (emphasis added)

Jesus H, is it too much to ask that the president try to be "analytical"? That's a rather basic characteristic needed to make decisions.

Then there was the Carl Hulse article that went with the McCain hug photo:

In Niceville, Mr. Bush's appearance took on the air of a revival meeting as the audience chanted affirmation to his description of the rationale for his antiterror efforts and roared at any religious reference. Gary Walby, a resident of nearby Destin, told the president during a question-and-answer session that though he always voted Republican, "this is the very first time I felt God was in the White House." (emphasis added)

I guess God isn't analytical. "Niceville" sounds more like Scaryville to me.