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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Banks Refund

So it turns out that the Celtics get to keep Marcus Banks after all since Gary Payton didn't appear for a physical within a week of the original deal. See the indispensable Celtics Blog for full analysis.

This certainly puts Banks and the team in an awkward spot. This past week, Banks was out in LA holding up a Lakers jersey with his name on it and telling reporters how he grew up dreaming of wearing the purple and gold one day (Banks is a Las Vegas native). That came on the heels of Banks' dad griping about his son's lack of playing time during the oh-so-brief C's playoff run in April, and reports that Doc Rivers didn't like Banks' play or attitude during the recent summer league games. And a bunch of Boston sports chatters have been dissing Banks' game lately, noting his lack of point guard skills as he apparently was on the way out.

Hopefully the relationships can be repaired here and Banks can be productive instead of sulking in a city of perceived enemies. Some players don't mind nearly being traded (see: Manny Ramirez) while others let it bother them a great deal (see: Nomar Garciaparra). We'll see which type Marcus Banks is.

One more thing is that Danny Ainge now looks smart for not commenting on the trade thus far, as Shira Springer notes (first link above):

For the past week, Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge declined to comment in detail about the deal. He wanted to wait until the teams finalized the transaction before trumpeting the newcomers or criticizing the recently traded. It may prove to be the most intelligent and pragmatic move of his tenure. The Celtics hope the deal becomes official Monday, at which time Ainge is expected to make himself available for an in-depth assessment.

I can't find a link to this, but I did see on ESPN the obnoxious Stephen A. Smith knocking Ainge last weekend for refusing to discuss the deal. Smith represented that as an admission that the Celtics got the short end of the trade. Now that Boston gets to keep Banks and the second-round pick, I wonder if Stephen A. has changed his mind, or whether he wishes to reconsider his remark about Ainge?