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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Yes, We Door!"

First off, my day 2 volunteering diary is finished now, two posts below this one. The work isn't steady, or even in existence much at all frankly, but I'm still out and about, noticing strange things, cracking jokes, etc. Many thanks to Scott and eRobin for their kind words and links. It's fun to use this medium to share my observations from the scene with others in the rest of the country.

I'm way behind in reading all the convention coverage, but I have noticed a few goodies worth passing on. First, don't take Spanish lessons from Al Sharpton:

During a speech to the Hispanic caucus on Monday, the Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a bilingual appeal to delegates to build a coalition with blacks. Politicians, he declared, think all they need to do is learn Spanish to get the Hispanic vote, he said.

"Well I know one thing, 'no' means 'no' in English and in Spanish," Sharpton said. "The only Spanish Republicans speak is 'no,' and that's why we are going to say 'no' in November."

Sharpton then told delegates he'd learned some Spanish, too. In a call and response about the issues they can achieve, Sharpton repeatedly barked: "Si se puerta. Yes we can."

But Sharpton apparently needs more lessons. What he said means "Yes, we door." What he should have said was "si se puede."

Howie Carr was also great today, proudly wearing the label of "right-wing nut job":

This was at the Boston Harbor Hotel yesterday morning. They have U.S. Capitol cops with police dogs at the front entrance as well as men in black brandishing machine guns. It was unclear whether the gunners were there to prevent people from getting in, or getting out.

I have to admire the snark there.

UPDATE: Since I'm thanking people, I should mention adamg of Boston Common fame also has been throwing good traffic my way with several links that I appreciate. The Common, as well as the Universal Hub he runs on the subject, have good roundups of area bloggers' coverage.