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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Why I Dislike Marion Jones

After bonking at the Olympic trials amid a press frenzy about possible ties to BALCO, Marion Jones this week faced new allegations from her ex-hubby that he saw her injecting drugs in Australia a few years ago. There's been a pretty negative atmosphere around Jones, and I've been anti-Jones in my own feelings too, though I found myself wondering why. After a few minutes' reflection, I remembered her ultra-annoying 2000 Nike ad campaign, in which only her mouth appeared as that of a faux-radio DJ, "Mrs. Jones" (and wouldn't she really be Mrs. "Husband's-Last-Name" or Ms. Jones?) This page came up on Google and helped jog my memory:

Listen up, suckas. Ears up, minds open. Message from Mrs. Jones.

Yup, that's what never failed to put me in a foul mood. That, and the fact that the ads debuted during the Lakers' first NBA championship run of the recently-ended Shaq/Kobe era. There's a devastating critique of one ad's content if you read the link. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what's at the root of many people's schadenfraude with regard to the Marion Jones drugs scandal.