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Thursday, July 08, 2004

VandeHei Watch 7.8.04: Stop it with the Hair!

VandeHei has a reasonable campaign article on the front page of the Post today, the last two paragraphs of which I will quote:

We think this is a dream ticket. We have got better vision. We have got better ideas. We've got real plans. We've got a better sense of what is happening to America. And we've got better hair," Kerry, 60, said. The nominee seemed unusually focused on hair Wednesday. At a photo op at his wife's 88-acre estate, Kerry said: "It's a thrill for me to have another guy with hair on the road."

Later Kerry quoted his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, telling him: "You just lost the bald vote."

Someone on the campaign staff needs to tell Kerry that the hair jokes aren't as funny as he thinks they are. In fact, they seem to reinforce the perception among some that Edwards is a vapid pretty boy (nicknamed the Breck Girl by the Bushies--info on the name here and here). Talking about appearance also plays into the GOP insinuations that Kerry and Edwards are gay. How about we just let Edwards talk?