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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

VandeHei Watch 7.7.04: The Edwards Pick

Jim VandeHei and Dan Balz have a front-page article on the John Edwards veep selection in today's Washington Post. It's largely favorable to the Kerry-Edwards campaign--maybe even too favorable--since it makes the selection process sound very orderly and Kerry seem like a guy without any ego problem who was accepting of a former rival. The account of the process appears to come entirely from the campaign itself, so of course they will paint it this way, but I guess they're entitled to some positive press for a day. I was also a little surprised at the lack of vitriolic response from the GOP in the piece.

One minor nitpick though is the following paragraph:

Many Democrats see Edwards as an antidote to Kerry's serious and stiff style. "This is a ticket that can excite, motivate and most importantly defeat George Bush and Dick Cheney in November," Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.), whom Kerry had also considered as a possible running mate, said in a statement.

While I haven't seen the full Gephardt statement, I highly doubt that Gep, of all people, would call Kerry "serious" and "stiff." Putting the Gephardt quote after the first sentence in the paragraph is misleading, I think.

Also, they write that the people putting "Edwards" onto the side of the campaign plane "had signed a confidentiality agreement," which makes me wonder whether this leak has landed anyone in trouble.