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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Two Johns

Hell, Charlize Theron killed six johns in a movie, so I'm sure the Bush-Cheney campaign is readying for an attack on these two. I think it was the smart, if safe, move, given how Edwards is generally well-liked and probably has no skeletons in his closet after the scrutiny he endured in the primaries. But while everyone talks of his sunny demeanor, couldn't that have all been calculated since a scorched-earth campaign against Kerry would've ruined his shot at veep? Even though we don't have many campaigns on which to judge Edwards, I doubt he was so kind to Lauch Faircloth in '98. Also, I'm mildly concerned about the GOP pulling up news clips of Edwards avowing no interest at all in the VP slot from one of the billion times reporters asked him about it early in the year; that could make him look a bit of a hypocrite. Just googling around for a second, I found this interview from Fox News Sunday, December 28, 2003:

[CHRIS WALLACE:] Do you have any interest in being the vice presidental nominee? And specifically, would you accept it if offered?

EDWARDS: I'm absolutely not interested in being vice president. No, the answer to that question is no.

Today, Edwards was offered the second spot on the ticket and said yes. Sounds like a Flip-Flop! The candidates did have a few unpleasant exchanges on the trail, such as the diapers/Vietnam spat, and the RNC has them catalogued. But Kos has a great response to the trial lawyer attack, based on John McCain's praise (another John!) on the cover of the book Four Trials.

The New York Post is priceless too, go look.